Department of Art

Graphic Design - Web Design


Creative web design is a key aspect of our graphic design program. The look of a website instantaneously informs the viewer of its intended audience and purpose.

A website fails if its design is unprofessional, visually confusing, uninspired or simply creates the wrong impression.

Our focus is the creative development of the overall look of a website and the integration of typography and images in web page design within the online interface constraints.

HTML basics, site management and issues relating to navigation, accessibility, browser and device compatibility are introduced. Projects are directed towards incorporating contemporary design trends and understanding new interfaces.

The goal of the graphic design program is to prepare you for a professional career in graphic design.

Web Design is integrated throughout our graphic design courses, though primarily taught primarily in ARTS 316, 415 and 416. There are, in addition, independent study opportunities in Web Design.

Our essential aim is to make written and visual information more accessible, useful, and interesting to the person who has to use such information to navigate an increasingly complex and diverse world.

Our graphic design program culminates in the development of a printed and online portfolio that emphasizes your ability to to communicate visually.



Degree Plan

There are two degree paths in the Web Design program:

  • Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design Option
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design Option

The following Program Study Plans will help you determine which classes are needed to complete a degree in a timely fashion:

Laptop Requirements

As of fall 2011, all students entering the Graphic Design program are required to purchase a laptop and the Adobe Creative Suite for use in their Graphic Design courses.

Laptop and Software Requirement pdf


  • The Digital Art Studio is equipped with twenty iMac and MacPro computers using a dual boot system. Each is equipped with professional, industry-standard software for graphic designers, the full Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Master Collection. The master collection includes Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • The studio is also equipped with Hewlett Packard printers, scanners, digital cameras, digitalizing tablets and a digital projector. The digital art studio is 21’ x 45’ and located in Garwood Hall. All of the art facilities are a wireless environment.