Department of Art

Art Minors


Art History Minor

The Art History Minor requires 18 credit hours of art history coursework. Students complete all (3) 200-level classes of Western and/or Non-Western Survey as a foundation for the Minor. Students pursuing the Minor in Art History also enroll in three additional upper-division art history courses.

  • ARTH 282, 283, 394 - 9 s.h.
  • Select 300 and 400 level Art History courses - 9 s.h.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Fine Arts Technology and Design - 19 s.h.

(See Interdisciplinary Studies Minors in the University Catalog.)

Western Illinois University offers a variety of minor programs using an interdisciplinary approach. These programs include individual courses, taught by instructors from one or more departments that embrace the subject matter and class methods of several disciplines. All interdisciplinary studies minors include courses from at least two departments (not including the student’s major). To enroll in an interdisciplinary minor, students should consult their major academic adviser and the minor adviser.

Graphic Design Minor - 21 s.h.

The Graphic Design Minor requires 21 credit hours of art and graphic design coursework.

Students complete three (3) beginning-level classes, then select four upper-level design courses.

  • ARTS 101, 140, 215 - 9 s.h.
  • Select four courses from: ARTS 246, 314, 315, 316, 415 - 12 s.h.

Studio Art Minor - 18 s.h.

The Studio Minor requires 18 credit hours of art coursework. Students complete four (4) beginning-level classes, then select three upper-level art courses.

  • ARTS 101, 102, 140; ARTH 180 - 12 s.h.
  • Art Electives (Studio only) - 6 s.h.