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Faculty - Graphic Design

Terry Rathje


Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

MFA, University of Iowa

Office: 21 Garwood Hall

Phone: 309•298•2068


About the Artist

Terry Rathje grew up in a small town in Eastern Iowa, and to fight off boredom, turned to art making at an early age. This eventually led to drawing, videography, traditional and digital photography, painting, printmaking, animation, video editing, sculpture, and assemblage. He ran a graphic design business for over 15 years, and then shot, edited and did graphics for video for another 6 years in the corporate world.

His current work is based on

  1. found letters and graphics rearranged to build assemblage,
  2. furniture and lighting design, and
  3. Nomadic architecture- buildings and structures that can be assembled in one location, then disassembled and moved to another.

His explorations include industrial, recycled, and sustainable materials, CNC cutting technology, 3D modeling, and developing new building methods using digital technology. He exhibits in this country and abroad, most recently Brazil, England and Portugal.

He has been at Western Illinois since 1999, and currently teaches Intro to Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Animation, Portfolio Development, and occasionally Digital Photography.

He believes that the eye is the place where the outside world meets the inside world. It is the interaction between the two, influenced by the experience, genetic propensities, and imagination of the artist that generates work that , hopefully ignites and unites those who are paying attention. We all should be.

artworks of Terry

artworks of Terry

artworks of Terry