Western Illinois University - Teacher Education Faculty 2010-2011

College of Education and Human Services

Dr. B. Nick DiGrino, Dean
Dr. P. Lance Ternasky, Associate Dean
Dr. Rori Carson, Assistant Dean

Center for the Preparation of Education Professionals

Ms. Missy Phillips, Director and Certification Officer
Ms. Jacqlin Richmond, Coordinator Field Experiences
Mr. Ben Bishop, Field Supervisor
Mr. Charles Bolton, Field Supervisor
Ms. Sharon Butcher, Advisor
Ms. Angi Comrie, Advisor
Mr. Dennis Cromer, Field Supervisor
Mr. David DeVries, Field Supervisor
Ms. Joy Panko-Donovan, Clinical Supervisor
Dr. Keith Erickson, Field Supervisor
Ms. Jeanne Gage, Advisor
Ms. Maria Dunstan, Field Supervisor
Ms. Virginia Kessler, Field Supervisor
Ms. Tamara LaPrad, Field Supervisor
Ms. Kim Moreno, Advisor, QC
Ms. Linda Sienkiewicz, Clinical Supervisor
Ms. Tammy Wilson, Advisor

Counselor Education

Dr. Rebecca Newgent, Chair (beg. Jan. 3, 2011)
Dr. Lance Ternasky, Interim Chair (fall 2010)
Dr. Carrie Alexander-Albritton, Faculty
Dr. Edward Hamann, Faculty
Dr. William McFarland, Faculty
Dr. Holly Nikels, Faculty
Dr. Leslie O’Ryan, Faculty
Dr. Shawn Parmanand, Faculty

Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Cindy Dooley, Chair
Ms. Carol Anderson, Faculty
Dr. Kathy Barclay, Faculty
Dr. Cecelia Benelli, Faculty
Dr. Laurel Borgia, Faculty
Ms. Pamela Campbell, Faculty
Dr. Marie Cheak, Faculty
Dr. Angela Ferree, Faculty
Dr. Pamela Godt, Faculty
Ms. Diana Goff, Faculty
Ms. Melinda Grimm, Faculty
Ms. Elizabeth “Betsy” Hommel, Faculty
Ms. Deborah Horack, Faculty
Dr. Fred Isele, Faculty
Dr. H. Jon Jones, Faculty
Dr. Greg Jorgensen, Faculty
Ms. Sharon Larson, Faculty
Dr. Deborah Lee, Faculty
Dr. Laverne Logan, Faculty
Dr. Robert Lombard, Faculty
Dr. Susan Massey, Faculty
Mr. Phillip Murphy, Faculty
Dr. Donald Powers, Faculty
Ms. Suellyn Rieckelman, Faculty
Dr. Sara Simonson, Faculty
Dr. Abha Singh, Faculty
Dr. Frances Steward, Faculty
Dr. Melissa Stinnett, Faculty
Dr. Sebastian Szyjka, Faculty
Dr. Jeanine Wilker, Faculty
Dr. Barry Witten, Faculty
Dr. Jean Wolf, Faculty
Special Education
Dr. Darlos Mummert, Faculty
Dr. Christine Anderson, Faculty
Dr. Lyman “Bill” Boomer, Faculty
Ms. Dianna Clark, Faculty
Dr. Lynda Conover, Faculty
Dr. Mary Jensen, Faculty
Dr. Sharon Maroney, Faculty
Dr. Linda Meloy, Faculty
Ms. Laura Perran, Faculty

Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Reinhard Lindner, Chair
Dr. J. Q. Adams, Faculty
Dr. Tom Cody, Faculty
Dr. Gary Daytner, Faculty
Dr. Katrina Daytner, Faculty
Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann, Faculty
Dr. Georg Gunzenhauser, Faculty
Dr. Yuki Hasebe, Faculty
Dr. Andrea Hyde, Faculty
Dr. Jim LaPrad, Faculty
Ms. Tamara LaPrad, Faculty
Dr. Eric Mansfield, Faculty
Dr. Deborah Miretsky, Faculty
Dr. Greg Montalvo, Faculty
Dr. Carla Paciotto, Faculty
Dr. Sharon Stevens, Faculty

Educational Leadership

Dr. Jess House, Chair
Dr. Chad Allaman, Faculty
Dr. Steve Breckon, Faculty
Dr. John Closen, Faculty
Dr. Dean Halverson, Faculty
Dr. Lloyd Kilmer, Faculty
Dr. Donna McCaw, Faculty
Dr. Rene Noppe, Faculty
Dr. Zhao Hui “Bridget” Sheng, Faculty
Dr. Candice Swift, Faculty
Dr. Mark Twomey, Faculty
Dr. Sandra Watkins, Faculty
Dr. Carol Webb, Faculty
Ms. Lora Wolff, Faculty
Dr. Stuart Yager, Faculty


Dr. Janet Wigglesworth, Chair
Dr. Ritchie Gabbei, Faculty
Dr. Cindy Piletic, Faculty
Dr. Miriam Satern, Faculty
Ms. Julia Standard, Advisor


Dr. Charles Wright, Chair
Dr. Ta-Teh Ku, Faculty


Dr. William Bailey, Chair
Dr. Andy Baker, Faculty
Ms. Ember Keithley, Advisor

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Dr. Maureen Marx, Chair
Ms. Jane Brown, Faculty
Ms. Amy Burke, Faculty
Ms. Ellen Ehrgott, Faculty
Ms. Cheri Gipson, Faculty
Ms. Kathryn Pohlpeter, Faculty
Ms. Donna Quesal, Faculty
Dr. Robert Quesal, Faculty
Ms. Amanda Silberer, Faculty
Ms. Ann Marie Smith, Faculty


Dr. Mark Mossman, Chair
Dr. Joan Livingston-Webber
Dr. Peggy Otto, Faculty
Ms. Ellen Poulter, Advisor
Dr. Bonnie Sonnek, Faculty

Foreign Language (Spanish & French)

Dr. Andrew Lian, Chair
Dr. Daniel Brown, Faculty
Ms. Caryn Morgan, Advisor
Ms. Margarita Obregon, Faculty


Dr. Peter Calengas, Chair


Dr. Iraj Kalantari, Chair
Dr. Kimberly Hartweg, Faculty
Dr. Marie-Claire Koissi-Kouassi, Faculty
Dr. Marko Kranjc, Assistant to the Chair
Dr. Robert Mann, Faculty
Ms. Martha Mitchell, Faculty
Ms. Caryn Morgan, Advisor
Dr. Jim Olsen, Faculty


Dr. Bart Shanklin, Director
Ms. Virginia Broffitt, Faculty
Dr. Richard Cangro, Faculty
Dr. John Cooper, Faculty
Mr. Michael Fansler, Faculty
Mr. Douglas Huff, Faculty
Ms. Christine Lapka, Faculty
Dr.  Kelly Miller, Faculty
Mr. John Mindeman, Faculty
Mr. Kevin Nichols, Faculty
Mr. Terry Solomonson, Faculty
Dr. James Stegall, Faculty
Dr. Matt Thomas, Faculty


Dr. Steven Dworkin, Chair
Dr. Tracy Cruise, Faculty
Dr. Julie Herbstrith, Faculty
Dr. Ruth Kelly, Faculty
Dr. Jeff Laurent, Faculty

Biological Sciences

Dr. Michael Romano, Interim Chair
Dr. Laura Barden-Gabbei, Faculty


Dr. Rose McConnell, Chair


Dr. Mark Boley, Chair
Dr. James Rabchuk, Faculty

Social Sciences

Dr. Virginia Boynton, Chair
Dr. Greg Hall, Faculty
Mr. Ralph Heissinger, Advisor