College of Education & Human Services

Technology Recommendations

The College of Education and Human Services is recommending (not requiring) students to bring personal computers to campus. Personal computers are important tools in education and society.  They are valuable for accessing and managing information resources in all disciplines, and an effective means for communication between students, faculty,family, and friends.

This page contains a gateway to commonly asked questions in choosing the appropriate device and those devices that are recommended by our University for students considering bringing desktop and/or laptop computers and other mobile devices to campus. If you have questions regarding discipline specific hardware and software please contact your academic department. General questions that can not be answered with the information provided below in regards to appropriate models for this University should be directed to the University Technology Support Center (309) 298-2704 or

What should I consider when choosing a computer to bring to campus?

Recommended Desktop Systems

Basic Windows Desktop Configuration Specifications:

  • Quad Core i5 or higher processor 
  • 8 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 500 GB Hard Drive (minimum)
  • 24" Widescreen LCD Monitor
  • Sound Card
  • 256MB (minimum) Video Card (Onboard/Integrated)
  • 16x DVD +/- RW Drive
  • * Wireless Card (only if bringing laptop or netbook) 802.11n
  • 4 Year Warranty

Basic Macintosh Desktop Configuration Specifications:

  • iMac 21.5" 2.7GHz Intel Core i5
  • 8 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • Apple USB SuperDrive 
  • 4 Year Warranty

Recommended Mobile Devices

Western Illinois University Technology supports iPhone,  Android and Windows Mobile devices. There is currently no integrated Email, Calendar and Contacts support for Blackberry and Palm Devices.  However, if you bring a Blackberry or Palm Device to campus you can access mail via IMAP or a web browsing service if you have WiFi and/or cellular broadband capabilities. 

Visit the uTech Computer Store:

Recommended Laptop Systems

Basic Windows Laptop Configurations Specifications:

  • Intel i5 Processor or Higher
  • 8 GB RAM Minimum
  • 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive
  • Sound Card
  • Video card with DVI
  • DVD +/- RW Drive
  • 4 Year Warranty with accidental damage protection

Basic Macintosh Laptop Configurations Specifications:

  • MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
  • 8 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 1TB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 3 year warranty with accidental Damage Protection

Recommended Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Mac OSX 10.9.2 or newer

Software Recommendations

  • Microsoft Office 2013 / Office 365 (PC) or Microsoft Office 2011 / Office 365 (Mac)
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Antivirus Software

* Recommendations last updated 8/12/2014.