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Instructional Development Services

Horrabin Hall 113C | 309.298.2993 | 

Instructional Development Services (IDS) serves as a catalyst for the transformation of teaching and learning through the inclusion of technology.We have been committed to providing faculty and students with quality assistance in the areas of instructional design, technology integration, online course development, and just-in-time training since its origin in 1995.  

Our main goals are to:

  • Assist faculty in the selection, implementation, and evaluation of emergent technologies for their classrooms.
  • Coordinate and facilitate face-to-face events and on-line tools that promote cross-
curricular collaboration on the topic of teaching
 with technology.
  • Provide faculty resources that facilitate research, integration, use, and evaluation of emergent technologies in their respective field.

To this end we  provide the following services to all COEHS students, faculty, and staff: 

- Interactive Multimedia Lab (IMM Lab)

- Technology Resource Checkout (TRC)

- Technology Integration Assistance (Faculty)

- Faculty Innovators Program

- Technology Insights Blog