College of Education & Human Services

Faculty Innovators

Program Support

The Faculty Innovators program requires ongoing diligence on the part of the program coordinator, instructional development staff, and technology leaders in the College to review current technology use in the classroom, and instruction relative to the direction mainstream and emerging educational technology is heading. The program coordinator’s ongoing work with College faculty provides a benchmark for faculty use of technology and technology skills. Members of an advisory board, which consists of a representative from the Dean’s Office staff, Department Chairpersons, the program coordinator, and  faculty members, monitor the skills and expectations that students are bringing to the university. This occurs, in part, through outreach activities by members of the advisory board into P-12 school systems and disciplines in the human services.

The Faculty Innovators program is directly supported by two full-time employees. The  coordinator devotes 1/2 of her salaried time to researching emergent technologies, development of face-to-face training, online resources, and assisting faculty with integration of technology and locating resources for research endeavors. The facilitator devotes 1/4 of his salaried time to assisting the coordinator with face-to-face training, development of online training resources, and one-on-one training for the faculty.

Student workers and one graduate assistant provide occasional training assistance and support in the development of training materials for the program.

The College of Education provides various service centers, and events that make this program possible and provide the human infrastructure necessary to enable faculty to meet their technology, teaching, and research needs.

Service Centers Offering Additional Opportunities