College of Education & Human Services


Learning Objective: Students will be able to communicate closer with instruction and direction.

Learning Actions: Directing and Discussing.

In-Class Activities: Question and answer opportunities for students outside of class or on the road.  A fishbowl, as questions arise, instructor can answer them as the come in.

Out of Class Activities: Field experiences and excursions.  Example: During PE classes students are across areas of a large field.  These students can ask the instructor questions without running across fields or leaving their supervision responsibilities to ask questions.

Sample Project Idea: Multiple student groups across a football field in groups.  Able to contact instructor for questions or brief instruction with minimum time wasting.

Learning Level:  9-12th Grades and College students. 

Bloom's Level: Applying

Discipline: Teacher Education and Coaching

Submitted by: Anthony Gonzales, Kinesiology,  Western Illinois University