College of Education & Human Services

Neelands Periodic Table

Learning Objective: The visually impaired student will be able to comfortably view and interact with the Periodic Table of Elements.

Learning Actions: All learning actions will be used with this app.

In-Class Activities: 

  • Visually impaired students can bring the Periodic Table up on their IPAD instead of having to walk up to the chart in the classroom or have the teacher enlarge a copy of the table for their individual use.  
  • Visually impaired students can interact with the Periodic Table and apply the knowledge learned through classroom instruction.
  • Visually impaired students can quickly identify the various elements and their characteristics through the colorful and organized fashion of the app.

Out of Class Activities: The visually impaired student can use the app to complete their homework or study the elements and their characteristics in a comfortable setting.

Sample Project Idea: The Periodic Table can be integrated into everyday Science class when studying the Periodic Table.

Learning Level:  Jr./Sr. High School Student

Bloom's Level: Analyzing

Discipline: Chemistry/Science

Submitted by: Joanna Graham, Health Sciences, Western Illinois University