College of Education & Human Services

Crime Reports

Learning Objective: Students will develop the ability to query crime statistics in any location in the United States.  Additionally, this exercise should make students better aware of the variety of crime and criminal activity common in specific locations in different communities.

Learning Actions: Students will query crime statistics in their own neighborhoods, as well as in other locations, analyze crime statistics to identify common MO characteristics of different crimes, and identify the prevalence of certain types of crime in different jurisdictions.

In-Class Activities: After being given a location to query, students could display crime activity in a particular municipality, and then identify common characteristics of specific types of crimes. For example, they could identify any similarities in time, location, and frequency of burglaries in that town or city.

Out of Class Activities: Students could use the application to map crime statistics in their own town or city.

Sample Project Idea: Students would be given a map displaying crime activity in a particular municipality, and then asked to identify evidence of crime patterns or specific crime problems in different areas of the mapped jurisdiction.

Learning Level:  College - Undergraduate

Bloom's Level: Analyzing

Discipline: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Submitted by: Todd Lough, School of Law Enforcement & Justice Administration, Western Illinois University