College of Education & Human Services

Faculty Innovators

Program Approach and Content

How do we get faculty to think beyond email, word processing, and presentation software when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom?

Determined to meetincreasing student skills and expectations for technology integration in higher education instruction,COEHS delivered the inaugural Innovators in Teaching and Learning Program in 2001.

Much like the technologies and methods we seek to inform, the program’s content, delivery methods, and requirements are continually evolving.

Delivery Strategies

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Online discussion
  • One-on-one just-in-time training
  • Research and integration consultations
  • Self guided study
  • Public venues for presentation and collaboration.

Faculty Innovators working together  at one of their Monthly Meetings

Our program focuses on best practices and integration while a majority of the specific training of skills is reserved for individualized instruction after a faculty participant has selected a focus for research and integration. While a portion of skills is still covered at the monthly face-to-face meetings, and tutorials are provided online, the majority of time and resources are dedicated to modeling best practices, collaboration, inquiry,reflection, research and practice.

Participants in the Faculty Innovators Program are immersed in the study and examination of integrating emergent technologies into instruction, and researching the efficacy and impact of technology on learning outcomes. The core program continually focuses on learning theory, the application and integration of technology, research design, and skill acquisition.

Technology Coverage

  • Mobile technologies
  • Video in the classroom
  • Podcasting in education
  • Virtual worlds (SecondLife)
  • Videoconferencing
  • Blogs, Wikis, Web 2.0 productivity suites
  • Social networking and bookmarking

    The specific technology investigated by a cohort in a given year changes over time. Emergent technologies being covered in the current innovators program are shown in the box to the left.