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Instructional Labs

The College of Education and Human Services provides a wide variety of discipline-specific and shared computer labs where faculty can teach, and students can learn using hardware and software specific to their curriculum and fieldwork. These labs are not open labs. They have specific curricular purpose and some of them have restricted use policies.

University Technology (uTech) provides additional open labs throughout campus, which provide networked PC (Windows XP) and Macintosh (OSX) computers, high speed access to the Internet, CD/DVD burners and USB ports, the most commonly needed software applications as well as, discipline-specific software, and provide access to double-sided laser printing. WIU-Quad Cities also operates its own full-service lab for students on the WIU-Quad Cities campus. Note that departments also operate some of their own labs, which are specific to their discipline and are not maintained or supported by uTech unless requested. Learn more about these labs and where they are located, at:

The Interactive Multimedia LabIMM Lab User

The Interactive Multimedia Lab (IMM) provides just-in-time training in a one-on-one or small group setting for students, faculty, and staff choosing to use emergent technologies in their teaching and learning.

The IMM Lab offers COEHS students, faculty, and staff a state of the art service facility for developing cross-platform multimedia projects such as, computer based instruction, multimedia authoring, mobile technologies, podcasting, CD-ROM and DVD ROM development, video editing, web-page development, electronic presentation development, and the incorporation of media centric Smart Technologies into teaching and learning.

The IMM lab offers the latest in hardware and software for dual platform creation.  All computers are connected via Ethernet to WIU’s network.  Learn more online at:


COEHS Recording RoomVideo Recording Room

The video recording room, at its most basic level, provides students from fieldwork areas, such as, Social Work, Education, Educational Leadership, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, and others, with ease and flexibility in recording their professional demonstrations, interviews, role-play assignments, and self-critiques. These students can enter the room, adjust the camera until they see their desired image in the playback display, press a single button to begin or end recording, and eject a pressed DVD of their recording from an in-room DVD recorder for submission to their professor.

At an intermediate level students, faculty, and staff in programs such as IDT wishing to create video content for class lectures, course projects, news stories, websites, and promotional materials will enjoy the additional capabilities  of the high-end Canon SD/HD camera to create more polished productions, including but not limited to news stories, and special events. This is a shared resource within the College. All COEHS departments may reserve use of the facility by scheduling a time and obtaining a key from the COEHS Dean's Office. 


Horrabin Hall 111 Lab Classroom Horrabin Hall 111

Horrabin Hall 111 is a shared lab classroom available to all departments within the College of Education and Human Services. This lab is equipped with 30 Windows computing stations that have Ethernet network capabilities, discipline specific software such as, SPSS for statistical analysis, ArcGIS for analyzing geographic information, Inspiration and Kidspiration for mind-mapping and concept mapping, the Tech4Learning suite for Educators which includes, Frames, ImageBlender, and Pixie, Open Office, Gimp for image editing, and Microsoft MovieMaker for video editing. This classroom lab also has flatbed scanners for scanning images. Horrabin Hall is equipped with an instructor’s station that includes an overhead projection system, document camera, dvd/vcr combo unit, a device switcher, Windows computer, and a SmartBoard. Any COEHS Department interested in scheduling classes in this room should submit a request by filling out this form

Additional, discipline specific labs are found in Stipes Hall (301) and Brophy Hall (232).