College of Education & Human Services

Technology @COEHS


Electronic Classrooms

As a student, faculty, or staff member at COEHS you will have the opportunity to teach, learn, and present in a variety of state-of-the-art Electronic Classrooms that have been designed with the capabilities to bring people together, encourage exploration, collaboration, and discussion. 

Our 37 electronic classrooms housed on the Macomb Campus in  Horrabin, Stipes, Brophy, Knoblauch, and Currens Halls are equipped with the following technology standards: 

    • High speed Internet (wired connection at instructor's station)
    • WiFi Internet capabilities throughout room
    • Dell Optiplex DuoCore or Intel Dual Boot Macintosh instructor's computer (which includes latest MS Office, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE web browser, and discipline-specific software)
    • Document camera
    • Blu-Ray/DVD combo drive
    • Stereo Audio
    • Projection unit and screen
    • USB ports for use of peripherals and storage devices
    • Integrated touch panels or remotes allow for control of all components throughout the room

Select classrooms also include, SMARTBoard Technologies (Horrabin 59, Horrabin 111, Horrabin 62, Horrabin 43, Brophy 232 and Knoblauch 230), and the ability for Laptop, Tablet, iPad or Smartphone projection from the instructor's station.


Videoconferencing Classrooms

Three of our classrooms are equipped to provide learning at a distance via Videoconferencing.   Most commonly used to connect classes between the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses these classrooms provide the additional capability that allows an instructor to connect his or her class to a variety of field sites, and classrooms around the world provided that they have compatible technology at the sites.  

Our 3 Videoconferencing classrooms housed in Horrabin Hall rooms 7, 82, and 83 are equipped with all of the technology standards mentioned above as well as:

    • Polycom unit for distance delivery
    • Multiple cameras for capturing the instructor and local class
    • Microphones throughout the room for transferring audio from the local site to the remote site
    • An enhanced integrated touch panel that allows for control of room cameras, volume, and display that is being sent to the remote site
    • Wireless microphone which allows the instructor to move freely around the classroom

University Technology provides a well-trained site facilitator for the duration of each Videoconferencing class period at both the local and remote site to ensure that courses are delivered and received successfully.