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WIU Teacher Education EdTPA Videotaped Teaching Submissions - Resources


Each edTPA submission will include video clips showing student engagement during your instruction.  It is important that these video clips demonstrate how you are interacting with students to develop their understanding of important concepts/skills.  In some disciplines, video or audio clips can be submitted for student work samples.

In all disciplines, written, video or audio evidence of student feedback can be submitted.  In all disciplines, a new video clip can be provided as evidence of student language use.  A portion of the video clip submitted for Task 2 (instruction) can also be submitted.  Provide a time stamp for the segment that demonstrates student language use if you are using the video clip from Task 2.

Important Information: 

  • All video clips must be CONTINUOUS and UNEDITED, with no interruption in events.
  • Do not include the name of the school, district or state.  Only use the first names of those appearing in video clips. If absolutely necessary you can use blurring or short transitions within an editing program to hide one of these elements.  However, this is not a basic skill and it is not available in all editors.  It is best to control for these prior to recording.
  • Windows Users: On January 12, 2017 Microsoft ended its support for Windows Essentials 2012 Suite, which included MovieMaker.  At this time the installer is still available for download at: In the future you may not be able to download the software, but as of now it is still available on that site. If you cannot get Windows MovieMaker installed on your computer, we have computers available for checkout through the TRC that are already setup for you with the necessary video editor and compressor that you will need. Contact us in the TRC by calling (309)298-3076. The cost of checking these out is $20 and you can check them out as many times as you need them throughout the semester.  These are not full semester loan machines.  To check out a laptop for the entire semester the cost is between $50-75 for Windows machines and $100 for newer MacBook Pro Models.  Additionally, you are welcome to use any other video editor that you choose. While we cannot make a specific recommendation, and cannot support every video editor, we have found that the OpenShot video editor provides many of the same features that MovieMaker and iMovie provide.  However, we have seen that it can crash periodically on some systems while running perfectly on others.  You can check it out on your system by downloading and installing it from
  • If you have questions regarding content requirements, please contact the WIU Faculty Member assigned to work with you on your EdTPA submissions for assistance. 

Training Materials from IDS (WIU)







Interactive Tutorial

To see this InfoGraphic full size, visit:

Download our text-based video transcripts from this tutorial below: 


General Tutorials from Pearson

The following files, published by Pearson provide general information regarding the proper format for your videos, trimming and compression your video clips on a Macintosh or Windows computer, and compressing the file size of your video clips using AnyVideoConverter.


Training Assistance and Technology Checkout is Available

Macomb Campus

Hands-on assistance is available on the Macomb Campus through the Instructional Development Service's Interactive Multimedia Lab (IMM) located in Horrabin Hall 104.  Please call ahead for an appointment.  The IMM lab is open Monday - Friday from 9:00am-2:00pm or by appointment.  If you are not located on the Macomb campus you can still call the IMM with specific questions at 309.298.3076. To learn more about our services, visit:

Instructional Development Service's Technology Resource Checkout (TRC) also located on the Macomb Campus in Horrabin Hall 104 has cameras, iPads and a variety of other technology tools available for checkout for a $20 per semester fee. This fee allows you to check out any one piece of equipment for up to a 48 hour time period all semester.  Call 309.298.3076 or visit: 

* Specially for Teacher Education students we have EdTPA camera kits that include everything you will need to record your video and laptops available for checkout including iMovie editing Software (Mac) and MovieMaker editing Software (Windows). These kits are available for 48hr checkout.  Time limits can be expanded with advance notice of need. The cost of checking out these items is a flat $20 fee for the semester.  You can check the items in and out multiple times. Items are available on a first come first serve basis, so reserve them early to ensure that you get them on the dates that you need them! 

Quad Cities Campus

Technology Checkout is available on the Quad Cities campus through Jon McKenna. Contact Jon via email or phone (309)762-9481, ext. 62234 to discuss your technology checkout needs.