College of Education & Human Services

Electronic Conference Rooms

As a faculty or staff member at COEHS you will have the opportunity to reserve two state-of-the-art conference facilities for hosting department meetings, dissertation, thesis, or portfolio defenses, subject matter expert interviews, collaborative events, training from a distance, and etc. 

Our two conference facilities are housed in Horrabin Hall room 1 and Horrabin Hall room 60 on the Macomb Campus. Each room is equipped with the following technology standards: 

  • High speed Internet (wired connection at instructor's station)
  • WiFi Internet capabilities throughout room
  • Intel Dual Boot Macintosh presentation computer (which includes latest MS Office, Firefox, Safari, and IE web browser, and discipline specific software)
  • Document camera
  • Stereo Audio
  • Projection unit and screen
  • USB ports for use of peripherals and storage devices
  • Integrated touch panel allows for control of all components throughout the room
  • Comfortable seating and aesthetics
  • Polycom unit for distance delivery
  • Multiple cameras for capturing the instructor and local class
  • Microphones throughout the room for transferring audio from the local site to the remote site
  • An enhanced integrated touch panel that allows for control of room cameras, volume, and displays

Horrabin Hall 60 also includes  SMARTBoard  Technologies.

Request use of Conference Facilities

If you would like to request use of one of these conference rooms please fill out the following form .  Once your request has been reviewed you will be contacted by Amy Hodges in the COEHS Dean's office with further information.