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Technology @COEHS


Distance Education Tools

The College of Education and Human Services employs a wide variety of tools for delivering quality distance education. As a faulty member or student you will have the opportunity to use the following tools during your distance education courses. 

Videoconferencing Classrooms

In 1992 with monies received from an Ameritech grant the College of Education and Human Services and the Center for the Application of Information Technologies purchased and installed the first CODEC compressed television units on the campus of Western Illinois University. To date the college has designed four codec classrooms and two conference rooms for delivery of instruction. These CODEC rooms provide two-way real time interaction in both an audio and video format.

Image of Electronic  Classroom in Horrabin Hall room 82

These classrooms are used to offer an array of college credit courses, as well as, conducting electronic field trips, allowing local students to participate in guest lectures and training seminars at various geographic locations,and providing connections for administrative inservice events such as the School Law Conference.


Image of an Online  Course in WesternOnline

WesternOnline is Western Illinois University's Course Management System.  It allows for the delivery of interactive online instruction 24/7. Via WesternOnline faculty and students have the ability to learn via the use of tools that allow processes such as, synchronous and asynchronous discussion (mail, discussion boards, chat, and interactive whiteboarding), assignment submission (online assignment dropbox), secure access to grades (online gradebook), interactive video and tutorials (media library), and interactive and sequential learning modules that allow students to learn at their own pace. Learn more about
WesternOnline at http:/ Only students currently registered for courses and faculty currently scheduled to teach courses being delivered via WesternOnline will have access to the course site.


Desktop Videoconferencing

Image of Faculty   Member Videoconferencing with Student

As a supplement to many online courses and face-to-face courses our faculty have chosen to use desktop videoconferencing to hold virtual office hours, one-on-one tutoring, and small group discussions.Desktop videoconferencing provides a low cost and user friendly solution for real-time collaboration. Students and faculty using desktop videoconferencing will need access to a moderate to fast Internet connection, a video input device (webcam), an audio input device (microphone), and a videoconferencing software package (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and etc.) The college provides local access to necessary videoconferencing equipment in its Interactive Multimedia Lab and Technology Resource Checkout