Social Work

Program Admission

Required Application Materials


All students enter social work as a pre-social major (PSW). To be formally admitted to the program as a Social Work (SCLWK) major, students must complete an interview with a faculty member and complete the application packet demonstrating fulfillment of or substantial progress in the following: 

Social Work Major Admission Requirements

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better
  2. 45 semester hours of credit to include:
    Social Work 100 with a grade of C or better (3 hrs.)
    Biology 100 (4 hrs.)
    English 180 (3 hrs.)
    Psychology 100 (3 hrs.)
    Sociology 100 (3 hrs.)
  3. Documented completion of 100 hours of volunteer or work experience in human services within past three years
  4. Critical thinking and writing skills as demonstrated in coursework and application essays
  5. Interpersonal skills as demonstrated in classroom and group interaction and faculty interview
  6. Successful completion of all components of the major application process by the due dates

Application for Admission

Students must talk to Cindy Dadello, the social work advisor, before completing the application to determine the appropriate semester in which to apply.  She can be reached at 298-2484.