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John Tracy John Tracy, Ph.D., LCSW

Associate Professor

WIU Department of Social Work Chair

HH 8; 298-2379, 298-1601 (FAX)

Office Hours: Mondays & Thursdays (1-4:30)




Education Interests Publications Articles Subjects Taught

YearInstitution Degree  

2005 Colorado State University PHD in Education & Human Resources Studies

1986 University of Iowa MSW: Master of Social Work

1976 Truman State University MA in Counseling & Guidance in Education

1970-72 Dubuque Theological Seminary 30 Graduate hours

1970 Truman State University BS in All Social Sciences in Education(History Major)

My interest embraces:

One Common thread is:

At present I am working on a study of: This interest has led to two books currently in the works.


Selected Publications

Selected Articles

Dialogue home groups optimize “technology transfer” for social programming.
Portularia: Journal of Social Work, University of Huelva: Publishing Service. 2008)

Overcoming social oppression: Using dialogue and theatre to reveal oppression and foster healing.
(Critical Social Work: An interdisciplinary journal dedicated to social justice. Vol. 7, No 2. Windsor,
Ont: University of Ontario. 2007)

Subjects Taught

Field Education Practicum
Generalist Practice (Micro, Group, Macro)
Using the Creative Arts in SW
Community Practice
Case Management
International Social Welfare & Social Development
Field Instruction Coordinator

Field Instruction I (undergraduate)
Social Work Practice Methods I
Social Justice Emotionally Disturbed Children
Social Legislation, Welfare & Policy
Human Behavior and Social Environment
Program Design/Impl/Eval.
Social Work/Soc. Change/Soc. Dev.
Group Leadership & Human Sexuality


Curriculum Vita

Curriculum Vita

thesis, dissertation, abstracts

Thesis, Dissertation,
& Abstracts

Research and Writting

Published Articles


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