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Directors Recruiting a WIU Student
Classroom Visits
Camp Representatives may volunteer to speak in classrooms to students of all majors. Representatives promote the camp industry, discuss how summer camp employment gives students experience whatever their major and invite students to attend the Summer Camp Job Fair. Each classroom visit lasts from 5-10 minutes. These visits are Wednesday and Thursday. Assignments for Wednesday's visits will be made Tuesday night at orientation. Assignments for Thursday's visits will be made after the catered dinner Wednesday evening. Wednesday, Camp Representatives will have the opportunity to work at informational tables in the Student Recreation Center and the Student Union Concourse for one hour shifts. Representatives may promote their camp and the job fair while manning these tables. This is another excellent opportunity for students and camp employers to meet.

Catered Dinner & Professional Development
On Wednesday evening a catered dinner is provided for Camp Representatives. Students who are members of the Summer Camp Job Fair Committee are invited to the dinner so they can network with Camp Representatives. Following dinner Camp Representatives are able to participate in a professional development opportunity. This evening is a great opportunity to meet with some of the top RPTA students at WIU and discuss common issues with other camp professionals.

Escort & Drop Off Service
When you setup your display on Thursday morning, student volunteers are available to help you unload in front of the University Union and take the materials to your table. We request that every camp donate one item that would promote their camp. Please feel free to bring additional items such as t-shirts, mugs, visors, etc. to give out as table prizes.