Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Scholarships & Awards - Graduate

A wide variety of scholarships is available to students in the Department of RPTA. Contact the RPTA Undergraduate Advisor (309/298–1967 or by email) for details on the scholarship opportunities listed below, including application materials. Check the monthly RPTA News for announcements of additional scholarship possibilities related to professional meetings and training. And contact the Financial Aid office for information on other scholarships and financial assistance at Western Illinois University.

Scholarships marked with an asterisk are awarded by faculty nomination or other invitation only. Students apply for the remaining scholarships. The following list is organized by the dates when applications or nominations are due.

Southern Illinois Park & Recreation Association Undergraduate & Graduate Student Scholarship

Due date: September
Amount: $1000
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be enrolled in a recreation studies curriculum, with a minimum 2.5 overall GPA & 3.25 GPA in major. Two $1000 awards given each year   statewide.

Frank D. Lupton Outdoor Recreation Consortium Scholarship

Due date: February 1
Amount: Expenses associated with participation in Outdoor Recreation Consortium at Smokey Mountains National Park.
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be a RPTA undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in RPTA 378 & participate in the Consortium.
Approval: RPTA Scholarship Committee

Illinois Park & Recreation Foundation (IPRF) IPRA Scholarship

Due date: February / March
Amount: $500 – $1500
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be a currently enrolled RPTA undergraduate or graduate student, have a minimum 2.5 GPA, & be a member of IPRA.
Approval: IPRA Awards Committee

The Yvonne & Frank Lupton ECOEE Scholarship

Due date: March 1
Amount: $200 – $1000
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be RPTA undergraduate or graduate student, accepted for participation in ECOEE acceptance, have earned 30 WIU semester hours prior to trip, and have junior or senior standing.
Approval: ECOEE Coordinator & Department Chair

Dean’s Nontraditional Scholarship (COEHS)

Due date: April 1
Amount: $500
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be undergraduate or graduate student majoring in a department within COEHS, have a 3.00 GPA, demonstrate financial need, & be over 25 years old. Applications available COEHS Dean’s Office, 76 Horrabin Hall.
Approval: COEHS Scholarship Committee

Outstanding Graduate Student Award*

Due date: April
Eligibility & Criteria: Must be a RPTA major, have a minimum 3.6 GPA, & have earned 12 graduate semester hours prior to current spring semester. Presented during the annual Professional Development Conference.
Approval: RPTA faculty