Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Outdoor Recreation Certification

Required Courses.

RPTA Core Courses

RPTA 111, 199, 230, 235. 322, 323, 376, 397, 398, 399, 482, 499

ECOEE  Travel Program

A.   Spring and Summer courses

RPTA 249—Principles of Outdoor Adventure Recreation (3)

RPTA 349—Expedition Planning (3) 

RPTA 450—Traveling Workshop (1-3, repeatable to 6) 

B.   Field Study. 15 s.h.

RPTA 376—Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation (3)

RPTA 444—Outdoor Education (3)

RPTA 446—Wilderness Leadership (3)

RPTA 448—Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3) 

RPTA 449—Management of Outdoor Adventure Recreation (3) 

3.    Wilderness First Responder and CPR

4.    Leadership in one of the following:

A.   RPTA 450 Assistant

B.   Horn Field Campus Lead Facilitator

C.   Recreation Center Outdoor Pursuits Trip Leader

D.   Outdoor Club Trip Leader

5.    Certification through one of the following:

A.   American Canoe Association

B.   American Mountain Guides Association

C.   Leave No Trace

D.   Professional Ropes Course Association or Association for Challenge Course Technology

6.    Internship (RPTA 499)

7.    Completion of the IROL Requirements for Portfolio:

A.   Introductory Cover Letter including a personal background as well as professional and personal highlights

B.   Personal Wilderness Education Philosophy

C.   Basic Resume

D.   Wilderness Experience Inventory

E.   Copy of WFR and CPR certifications

F.   A one-page justification for each of the completed core competencies as approved by the accredited institution.