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Team Building

Photo of teams course activity

The Teams Course is a set of initiatives and activities that are presented to a group in a fun, safe, noncompetitive environment by a skilled facilitator. The facilitator first uses activities that allow the group members to feel more comfortable with each other. The group then builds trust among each other through trust initiatives. Problem solving initiatives are then presented to the group to allow them to work together and learn how to interact as a team. During this time, group discussions will take place to allow participants to examine what they have learned.

Teams Course programs can be tailored to fit the needs of groups of all ages and physical abilities. Programs can be 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on the time constraints and the goals of the group. There is a minimum of 10 participants needed to complete the Teams Course. Skills for life are what you and your group will learn. Hope to see you soon on the Horn Field Campus Teams Course!

Current Fees for Team Building
Team Building Activities(1-3 Hours of Team Exercises)   $10 per person
Teams Course(4 Hours of Team Exercises)   $12 per person

For more information contact the Horn Field Campus Staff by e-mail or by phone at 309/833-5798.