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RPTA 379/679. Recreation, Sport and the Leisure of Spain: A Comparative Study

RPTA 379/679 Flyer

Balancing work and leisure pursuits in today’s fast paced, technologically driven society can be challenging, especially in the United States. Our competitive culture encourages people to go “above and beyond”, often leading to long work hours and less time for leisure. Yet other cultures seem to have achieved this balance. By studying their methods of recreation, sport and leisure, Americans can learn ways to enjoy their leisure time and lead more well-rounded, fulfilling lives. This Study Abroad Course focuses on the recreation, sport and leisure of Spain by immersing you in the culture of the
country. Based at the Universidad de Alicante, you can experience first hand the richness of Spanish culture and a wide range of recreation, sports and leisure activities including international beaches, festivals and food and craft markets. You’ll study with Spanish students, increasing cultural interaction and learning that they play more than soccer. Through classroom study and visits to recreational sites nearby, you will gain new insights to help balance work and play.

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