Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

RPTA 450(G) - Fly Fisheries Resource Management

Fly Fisheries Resource Management Flyer

This course examines two aspects of fly-fisheries management:

Students will meet with professionals in the field of trout fisheries management. These people include full-time guides, research and development professionals designing and manufacturing new gear, and resource managers of waters and lands managed for fly-fishing. Topics such as stream ecology, hatchery management, tailwater river management, and recreation infrastructure will be covered.

Students will gain on-site experience in the art of fly-fishing, with ample time to develop their skills. Skills covered including casting techniques, stream reading, “playing” big fish on light tackle, and proper etiquette on streams. Two days will be spent floating the river with professional guides.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The student should be prepared for a great deal of walking/paddling in addition to cold water temperatures. Students with disabilities are encouraged to enroll; the field nature of this course should not imply otherwise.

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