Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

ECOEE/ Outdoor Leadership Minor Course Work

Spring Semester Prerequisite Courses

RPTA 249: Principles of Outdoor Adventure Recreation (3)
Investigates the components of an outdoor adventure experience including environmental behavior, personal growth, technical abilities, and safety.

RPTA 349: Expedition Planning (3)
Provides students the opportunity to examine the components of an outdoor expedition. An expedition is then planned.

RPTA 376: Perspectives in Outdoor Recreation (3)
Examines outdoor movement in America and its impact on natural resources; reviews relationships between changing public demand and the many agencies involved in supplying outdoor recreation.

Fall Semester ECOEE Courses

RPTA 444: Outdoor Education (3)
Organization of outdoor education activities emphasizing elementary school classroom participation.

RPTA 446: Wilderness Leadership (3)
Prepares students to become qualified wilderness trip leaders. Expedition behavior, emergency procedures, and wilderness leadership responsibilities will be examined during a five-week expedition.

RPTA 448: Interpretation of Cultural and Environmental Resources (3)
Develops basic understanding of interpretation of natural, environmental, and cultural resources. Includes philosophy and techniques.

RPTA 449: Management of Adventure Recreation (3)
Management of outdoor adventure recreation in both intensity and wilderness/dispersed recreation environments is examined.

RPTA 450: Travel Workshop (3)
Opportunity for students to observe the operations of a variety of leisure service agencies and to discuss on-location trends, problems, and techniques in leisure service delivery.