Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration


Cost Comparison

On CAMPUS (from the WIU undergraduate catalog)                                    ECOEE           

Room and Board (double room)                $4,595.00          $3,750.00 (average since 2000)*

Books                                                              $600.00                                   $80.00 (2014)

Personal Expenses                                      $1,800.00                                  $1,300.00**

University Fees and Health Insurance     $1,680.35                                  $1,260.25

                                                          Total     $7,640.00                                  $5,564.25

*ECOEE fees include food, transportation, permits and fees, conference registration, group gear rental, campsite fees, and etc. that include almost all costs of the program.

**Personal expenses include clothing, sleeping bag, backpack, boots, and personal purchases (souvenirs) while visiting various sites.


Scholarship Information

A sizeable and variable cash award is available through the Yvonne and Frank Lupton ECOEE Scholarship Fund to a qualified ECOEE participant to help defray the expenses associated with participation in the ECOEE program.  Criteria for receiving this scholarship include overall academic achievements, demonstrated commitment to the field of parks and recreation, extra-curricular involvements and work experiences, and financial need.  If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please include a typed letter of application addressed to the ECOEE Scholarship Committee highlighting your qualifications and two additional letters of recommendation to support your application.  Scholarship applications may be submitted separately or in conjunction with your ECOEE application.  The deadline to apply for the Yvonne and Frank Lupton ECOEE Scholarship is the first Friday in March of the spring semester preceding ECOEE.


Who should apply for ECOEE?

  • Anyone interested in attaining outdoor living and travel skills.
  • Those desiring to develop leadership and decision-making skills in real life situations.
  • WIU students in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher).
  • Those pursuing an outdoor related career.
  • Those anticipating a career that works closely and intensely with groups.

It is recommended prior to completing the application form that you discuss your participation in the ECOEE program with the ECOEE Coordinator, Chair of the RPTA Outdoor Team (Dr. Mike McGowan), and your academic advisor.  Consider how ECOEE will fit into your academic goals as well as your progress toward obtaining your degree.


Contact Information

Jeff Tindall, ECOEE Coordinator                    Dr. Mike McGowan

400 Currens Hall                                          400 Currens Hall

Western Illinois University                             Western Illinois University

1 University Circle                                        1 University Circle

Macomb, IL 61455                                       Macomb, IL  61455

(309) 298-2528                                              (309) 298-1579                              


More Information and application?

Check out the ECOEE website at: