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ECOEE Cost Comparison

On CAMPUS (from the WIU undergraduate catalog)ECOEE          

Room and Board (double room)                $4,230.00                                  $3,500.00 (average since 2000)*

Books                                                      $600.00                                       $27.00 (2011)

Personal Expenses                                   $1,791.00                                  $1,500.00**

University Fees and Health Insurance        $1,535.14                                  $1,064.25

                                                Total     $8,156.14                                  $6,091.25

*ECOEE fees include food, transportation, permits and fees, conference registration, group gear rental, campsite fees, and etc. that include almost all costs of the program.

**Personal expenses include clothing, sleeping bag, backpack, boots, and personal purchases (souvenirs) while visiting various sites