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Name: Ryan “Manimal, Red” Schaible
Hometown: Apple River, IL
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: RPTA/Kinesiology
ECOEE Committee: Itinerary

Why ECOEE: Wonderful outdoor learning experiences, building of
interpersonal and interpersonal skills, growth and development amongst outdoor
leadership,take part in the building blocks of group dynamics and their
potential outcomes, future and career benefits in the areas of Outdoor

Hobbies: Reading, Drawing, Lifting Weights, Running, Listening to ol'
Fashion and New Country Music, Playing Sports, Lifting Logs, Chopping Wood,
Working on the Dairy Farm Back Home, Pulling Tires Around the Pasture, Baling Hay,
Bike Riding, Fishing; to just name a few.

Phone: 309-298-1967

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