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Nathan Lovich

Western Illinois is my 4th post high-school institution. I finally feel as if I am doing what I truly love and am passionate about. RPTA is a great major not only for the curriculum, but also the fellow students and professors you encounter. ECOEE is something I learned about after I started attending WIU in the fall of ’08. When I first heard about it I knew I had to go. I love the outdoors and am most comfortable with hands on learning and processing. I believe this is an opportunity of a life time for anyone, not just RPTA students. After a semester of planning and preparation, my view perception of ECOEE is much different. The work required for a trip of this magnitude takes a lot of effort and even more patience. I am extremely excited to experience everything we have been planning for the last 3 months. The next 3 summer months will be a continuation of planning and preparation leading up until the time we leave in August 2009.

“Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions.” Albert Einstein


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