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Jeff Tindall, ECOEE Coordinator since 1999
BA Cornerstone University
MS Western Illinois University
Wilderness Education Association Certification Instructor since 1984
Leading backcountry courses since 1974

Jeff grew up on a dairy farm in Michigan, which gave him his love for the outdoors. The first college he attended was picked mostly because it was built on top of a mountain. He has worked for a variety of programs in the outdoors including HIOBs Florida and Summit Adventure.

One of the things that keeps Jeff coming back to ECOEE is being able to watch students eyes light up when they see things for the first time- whether it be a view, animal, or a new idea or way of looking at life. Other than the outdoor activities associated with ECOEE and life, one of Jeff’s favorite things to do is spend time with his dad starting and driving old tractors while on Christmas break.

Phone: 309-298-1967

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