Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Rogelio Hernandez Jr.

Age: 20


Year: Junior


Hometown: Roger Park, Chicago, IL.

Major: Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

ECOEE Committee: Equipment and Transportation



Some of my favorite hobbies include swimming, basketball, hiking, running, and anything else that involves being outside and active.


Why ECOEE? I decided to go on ECOEE because I wanted to take on a challenge. ECOEE is all about challenging the individual, whether it’s testing the person physically, socially, mentally, environmentally, and intellectually. I want to be able to overcome those obstacles and challenges in order to grow as a person. To learn new skills, ECOEE provides plenty of opportunities to learn something new-- Such as planning trips, leadership skills, and outdoor survival skills to name a few. ECOEE will also help me develop important life skills that I’ll be able to use as an outdoor leader.

I want to appreciate nature. Going on ECOEE will help me learn how beautiful and valuable our natural resources really are. Getting out into the woods and mountains can give me a better understanding of the incredible balance of nature.