Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Quinn Moore



Year- Senior

Hometown- Chicago IL

Major- Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Minor- ECOEE

Hobbies- Fishing, Swimming, Camping, Kayaking, Boating, Football, Wood working,
Bowling, and much more!

Why I am going on ECOEE-

 There are many reasons I decided to participate in the ECOEE program. I
have always been interested in the outdoors ever since my parents first took my
sister and I camping. I also heard a lot of interesting stories from my dad who
participated on the first ECOEE in 1976. ECOEE is an opportunity to learn more
about myself, and help improve my leadership skills. I feel that I can only
improve these skills on ECOEE. I wanted to try something new besides the daily
grind of normal courses. I also want to challenge myself physically and
mentally, and this program will help me to accomplish this. Enough talk time to
get down to business!