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Patrick Charles Croke:
Age: 22
Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Year: Junior
Major /Minor: RPTA Major with a Minor in Conservation
ECOEE Committee: Itinerary

I grew up in Des Plaines Illinois and spent a lot of my childhood in Geneva and Blanchardville, Wisconsin. I have always loved being outdoors and doing various activities outside. As a kid, I loved climbing trees, making fires and exploring the nearby forest preserves. I have always had a passion for sports that provide a nice rush of adrenaline. I love to skateboard, rock climb, kayak, and hike. My main motive for going on ECOEE is to become a certified wilderness leader, spend almost a month in backcountry and to have one of the most amazing experiential learning experiences ever. The first thing I want to do after ECOEE is gather up all my friends from back home and lead them on a backcountry trip. Then I would like to work at a national park leading expeditions. I would also like to be a bum and do nothing but kayak, climb, cook potatoes and beans, climb trees, make potato launchers, play paintball, skateboard, pick my nose, wear a Speedo, do one sit up, one pull up, back flip on flat ground, sky dive, base jump, swim, use a toilet that costs a million dollars, and then make babies. LIFE IS OUT THERE, GO GET IT!!!


Phone: 309-298-1967

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