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Name: Jessica I Wagner
Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration
Minor: Natural Resources Conservation and Sociology
Hometown: Chicago-land area
ECOEE Committee: Risk Management

Hobbies: I love swimming and enjoy lounging on the sand, encountering any and all of activities you can enjoy in the sun! Hiking, camping and ANYTHING that involves the outer doors is a day spent well. I love doing miscellaneous art projects; from jewelry, drawings, painting, or even renovating an old piece of furniture. Reading is my stress release. Especially when finding new authors or subjects to stimulate and challenge my abilities. I am open to live, love and learn as much as humanly possible. Give me something new and inviting to accomplish and I will dive right in!

That is why E.C.O.E.E. intrigued me from the get go. Coming into college I, as many others, had no idea what degree(s) were right for me. After hearing past alumni ranting and raving of this great opportunity, I knew there was no turning back. Everything about this expedition sparked my interest. Now here I am, about to experience this program first hand and I cannot be any more grateful. To my family and friends who helped me accomplish my goals, thank you.

Change and growth take place when a person has risked themselves and dares to become involved in experimenting with their own life.
        -Herbert Otto


Phone: 309-298-1967

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