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Name: Evan Kedzierski
Age: 21
Hometown:  Naperville, IL
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science with a Minor in both RPTA and Math
ECOEE Committee: Budget

Adventuring out in the wilderness with a group of friends is an experience that on its own level it cannot be matched by anything the business world has to offer. The feeling of what it is like to be outside when it is cool and breezy or a light rain moves in just in time to see a rainbow appear on the trail is more exciting than sitting in a classroom waiting for the clock to turn to the next hour. Imagine a beach on a summer’s day with the bright sun engorging a toasty feel on the skin. Experiences like these cannot be found in a classroom or an office building. Thus, it is my choice to do ECOEE.
I have liked the outdoors ever since I was young and in the cub scouts and then later in the boy scouts. The challenge of living and learning outside has always been one of the things I loved because I am not trapped in a four-wall room listening to someone present on a power point. Even in high school, I found a course called adventure studies, which was my first look into adventure education. Now that I am in college, I can excel with ECOEE. This four-month expedition will test and improve me. This is a program that is a once in a lifetime event. ECOEE will train me to be a wiser person in the wild.

When I was going to high school and most of college my main major was computer science. It is an ever-exciting field that presents its own challenges but it does not compare to the RPTA program ECOEE. Computers have been my world for these past years and it will be interesting to see what it will be like to not always have a computer for entertainment. This I hope will lead me to a decision on a career path that I may want to take in my future.


Phone: 309-298-1967

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