Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

CassidyCassidy Depoy

Age: 19
Hometown: Macomb, IL
Year: Sophomore
Major: RPTA/ Art (double major)
ECOEE Committee: Food & Nutrition Committee

 Hobbies: I am so fortunate to be an Art and RPTA major, because it combines all the things I enjoy; drawing, painting, crafting, letter writing, hiking, kayaking, Frisbee, travelling, sight-seeing, touristy things, art museums, and shopping.

Why I decided to go on ECOEE: My entire high school career, I watched back to back years of ECOEE start their adventure. Working at Horn Field Campus I was able to work, learn, and grow in the RPTA department among some amazingly inspirational individuals. They told me every day that I would be in the department, and to their surprise- I wasn’t. My dream was to be an artist. I could not imagine a life without art. A year into college passed before I realized the mistake I was making by not following my heart’s devotion. I needed to be reunited with my family in the back country of ECOEE. I hope to use this experience to better my relationship to nature, my peers, the land, and above all, myself. I want to rekindle my passions, improve my confidence, and broaden my knowledge so that I can teach others to do the same. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Vincent Van Gogh