Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

haleybrasileHaley Brasile

Age: 21
Hometown: Woodstock, IL
Year in College when on ECOEE: 5th year
Major: Therapeutic Recreation
Minor: Psychology
ECOEE committee: Risk Management

Hobbies: I have so many hobbies!! I keep discovering things I like to do every day. I love to Ski, Hike, Swim, Bike, Run, Read, Storm Watch, Kayak and much more. I play the Ukulele as well; I love to do anything that challenges my skills. I am a huge people person so I enjoy being around people all the time!  

Why I decided to go on ECOEE:I have decided to go on ECOEE because I plan on working with people with Behavior disorders or people with Cognitive Disabilities, in the back country. I know I will be able to challenge myself and learn a lot along with seeing some of the most beautiful places in America.