Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

joshbaughmanJosh Baughman

Age: 24
Hometown: Macomb, Illinois
Year in School: Junior
Major: Recreation Parks and Tourism Administration
Minor: Outdoor Leadership
ECOEE committee: P&P 2

 Hobbies: I love to do anything outside, though sometimes I do play video games. I like going mountain biking, longboarding, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and just about anything else that can be done outside. I also like working on my car, even though working on my car means something is wrong with it.

 Why I decided to go on ECOEE: I decided to go on ECOEE because so many people had told me about it and I just thought to myself, “this is my kinda thing”.  I love the outdoors and even more so outdoor adventures. No one can say for sure what someone could learn from a trip like this, but what is for sure is that a lot of things will be learned and I am so excited to learn everything I can from this trip. I also decided to go on ECOEE because it seems like it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and it looks great on your resume.