Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

TiffanyTiffany B White


Age: 21
Hometown: Good Hope, IL
Year: 1st year graduate student
Major: RPTA
Background: BS in Exercise Science (focus in cardiopulmonary rehab) with a minor in Nutrition
Future Ambitions: Physician Assistant or Naturopathic Doctor working in outdoor therapeutic/treatment centers.
Position: ECOEE Grad. Assistant

I have had a dire love for nature that goes back as long as I can remember—hiking, climbing trees, chasing snakes, and collecting bugs since I graduated from crawling to walking! Now I facilitate the outdoor climbing tower and high ropes course at Horn Field Campus and spend a lot of my free time stomping around Spring Lake and Argyle. I have also branched out of McDonough County to explore this beautiful country—including several trips to the Smoky Mountains, viewing the Grand Canyon, visiting Yellowstone, backpacking to California and Oregon, and living in Alaska for three months for an internship. My passion for outdoor/wilderness recreation only seems to increasingly intensify with every adventure I pursue, which is why I decided to further my education through Western’s RPTA grad program and to accept the position as the graduate assistant for ECOEE. I am confident that my undergraduate background, experience working in the medical field, and love of the outdoors will be a positive contribution to this year’s expedition.
I have very high hopes for ECOEE 2014 after getting to know our group members, and will be anxious to observe the self-discovery and growth that will take place within everyone from the trials and challenges we will inevitably face along the way. Send good wishes our way, as this will undoubtedly be an experience of a lifetime!