Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

CurtisCurtis Stark

Age: 22
Hometown: Macomb Il
Year: Junior
Major: RPTA
Committee: Equipment and Transportation

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and family, ultimate Frisbee, disk golf, cycling, nature in general

I signed up for ECOEE because I have always imagined myself traveling all over this great and expansive world we live in but I never knew how I would accomplish that. After learning about ECOEE I knew that it needed to take advantage of such a golden opportunity. I feel my life as a Boy Scout for roughly 8 years, a Venture Scout for a couple, and a staff member at Philmont Scout Ranch had been leading up to something great but just wasn’t sure what that was. Now I know that ECOEE is that thing. Not only do I want to see a lot but I want to know a lot and have a lot of great life experiences. It is my responsibility to myself to use ECOEE as a means of bettering myself and in turn everything and everyone I come in contact with in my life.