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Undergraduate Internship Forms & Resources


The undergraduate internship is a culminating experience for outstanding student success. This educational experience is to be at a minimum 12 weeks full time and serves to provide opportunities for practical application of classroom knowledge. Students are enrolled in 12 academic credits of coursework. Educational assessments and outcomes are outline in the internship manual.

Should you have questions on the internship program please contact Internship Coordinator,
Dr. Minsun Doh
Phone: 309-298-1967



Important Deadlines

Undergraduate Internship selection and related paperwork must be submitted to Currens 400 by the following deadlines to guarantee registration:

Spring - November 1

Summer - April 1

Fall - August 1


For Students

  • Internship Manual PDF | Word- The complete manual for internships, also the required text for RPTA 398.
  • Internship File Checklist PDF |Word - A complete list of all the paperwork required for your file before you may complete your internship.
  • Internship Overview of Assignments - PDF | Word
  • Internship Scholarship - $500 Award given every Spring and every Summer/Fall session.
  • Appendix A - Interview Form PDF | Word - This form is used for the three agency interviews you will complete before choosing an internship site.
  • Appendix B - Site Information Sheet PDF | Word - This form should be completed about the organization you will be interning with.  
  • Appendix C - Mid-term self-evaluation form PDF | Word - This form is completed when you are halfway through on your internship.
  • Appendix H - Sample Syllabus PDF 
  • Appendix K - FLSA Fact Sheet PDF
  • Appendix L - Job Task Samples PDF
  • Bi-Weekly Report Forms PDF | Word - Bi-Weekly reports to be submitted to faculty supervisor during internship.

For Supervisors

  • Appendix D - Mid-term agency evaluation form PDF | Word - This form is completed by your site supervisor when you are halfway through on your internship. 
  • Appendix E - Final Agency Evaluation Form PDF Word - This form is completed by your site supervisor when you finished with your internship. Please note: in addition to signing this form you will need to print your name before submission.
  • Appendix F - Site Supervisor Profile PDF Word - This form is completed by your site supervisor prior to beginning your internship. A resume will also be accepted in place of this form.
  • Appendix I - Internship Agreement Form PDF
  • Appendix K - FLSA Fact Sheet PDF

Internship Resources

Internship announcements will be posted to the bulletin board outside Currens 405.

A resource room is available at the Macomb Campus in Currens 405 and is open M- F 8am - 4:30pm.
Current and past intern postings, manuals, agency profiles and student reports are retained for reference.

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