Counselor Education


Counseling Lab Scheduling and Recording Instructions

If you would like to reserve a lab time, please contact the CNED office at 309-762-1876,, or stop by the CNED desk. Thank you!

Available Labs

Lab C (286C) - Room for 4 people
Lab D (286D) - Room for 4 people
Children's Lab (214)
NOTE: Video camera is set to record only the play portion of this lab. Please do NOT move video camera.

All labs are located on the 2nd Floor near the Department of Counselor Education.

Please note that all lab cameras are continuous live feed (with or without the lights on). This feed can be viewed (and listened to) by authorized personnel at any time.

DVD Recorder Instructions for All Labs
Please only use Memorex DVD-R (not +R) DVDs to record in the lab.
  • Press Green Power button to turn on.
  • Press the Open/Close button to insert DVD.
  • Once DVD is inserted, a menu will come onto the screen. Select VIDEO IN and press Enter.
  • Screen will then show area that it is recording.
  • Press Red Button to begin recording.
  • Pressing the Red Button will pause your recording. Pressing the Stop button will stop the recording.
  • Press the Open/Close button, and a screen will come up, prompting you to finalize the disk.
  • Select Yes with Enter and then select OK with Enter.
  • DVD will eject itself when it is done finalizing.
  • When scheduling your taping time, please take into account this extra 5-10 minutes of 'finalizing' time, so your appointment does not run over.

NOTE: The DVD Recorder has a small view screen to use to ensure that you are situated in a spot the camera will capture. You may move the furniture but NOT the cameras! Thank you.

Tape Reviewing Equipment

DVD Players and monitors are available in all labs for your use in reviewing your finalized tape. Please make sure that you have signed up for a time slot in the lab for this purpose (in addition to your taping session time slot).

Lab Upkeep: If you find any part of the labs in nonworking condition or have concerns of any kind please file a report immediately with the CNED office.