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Alumni Updates

The Department of Counselor Education strives to build lifelong relationships. As alumni, you are the core of our department. By sharing information, both personally and professionally, you stay connected to students, faculty, and other alumni, and it gives you the opportunity to network, and provide helpful information to students currently enrolled in our department. You might say that it is one way of informal mentoring! We're proud of our graduates and especially would like to learn of all who have continued their professional studies through their doctorate. Please share your current activities, both personal and work-related. We would love to hear from all of you!

Please print and mail the completed Alumni Update form to the Department of Counselor Education , 3561 60th Street, Moline, IL 61265 or email your update to the Department at Make sure to update the WIU Alumni Association.

Alumni Update Form


Foundation's Online Giving

Below you will find a link to the Foundation's Online Giving form, which can be used to make a contribution to various Western Illinois University departments and scholarships, including the Department of Counselor Education. This link will take you to the "Gift Agreement Form" where you can choose the Department of Counselor Education as your designated contribution recipient. Thank you for your consideration.

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