Infant and Preschool Center

admission and enrollment



Registration for the center is handled in the office located in the preschool room (HH 17A). Parents are encouraged to come and observe the program with their child prior to admission. Each family will be given a personal tour of the center. 

Waiting List 

Our center does have a waiting list. For a family to be placed on the list, we must have a completed Waiting List form for each child. These forms are dated when they are returned. When an opening occurs, the family is called for final enrollment processing. Preference is given to those wanting to enroll full time. Once a family has been called and told of the opening, they have a specified time to respond as to whether they want to enroll their child/children. 

We require that a $50 deposit per child be made upon verification of enrollment to hold your child's spot in the center each session. If your plans change and your child does not attend, the money will be refunded, if two weeks' notification is given prior to the enrollment date. If two weeks' notification is not given, the deposit will be forfeited. 

Child wearing glassesEnrollment Information

Enrollment is open to anyone in the community. There is no preference given to university employees or students. 

Upon enrollment, the center must have an updated enrollment form, signed consent forms, signed tuition contracts, and signed DCFS forms prior to the first day of school. A physical examination/ immunizations record must be on file for each child prior to the first day of school. Children will be required to receive an updated physical exam every two years. 


A written two weeks' notice must be given to the center when a child is to be withdrawn from the program. If this notice is not given, the parents are liable for two weeks' tuition, to be paid before the child's last day. 

Any child who, after attempts have been made to meet the child's individual needs, demonstrates an inability to benefit from the type of care offered by the facility, or whose presence is detrimental to the group, shall be discharged from the facility. The child’s teacher, center director, and the faculty director will make this decision after careful study of the child's situation. Parents will be given two weeks to find an alternate care facility. 

Referral for Special Services 

No two children are alike-- each one is unique. Most of the differences are nothing to worry about; but for some children, these differences can be warning signals of special needs. The earlier a delay or disability is identified, the better chance the child has for reaching his or her potential with the help of intervention services. In order to facilitate early identification of children with special needs, the law requires childcare providers to make referrals within two working days after they identify a child with a possible disability or developmental delay. If a disability or developmental delay is identified, early intervention services are the first step in helping the child. The center staff will meet with the parent(s) and provide a link to local services that will help them form a plan for their child.