Military Science

Cadets - Chain of Command

Cadets learn leadership by lead by example. Then comes the time when they must lead and complete the training cycle, honing their skills by practicing them in a realistic environment. With progression in rank comes an increase in responsibility, and so some leadership positions change each semester. While in training, one has the chance to hold various Cadet Battalion duty positions, which range from Squad Leader to Battalion Commander. Each is important, and each affords different challenges. Do you want to be the next Company Commander, or Battalion Commander? If so, come see us; "ROTC, the best leadership course in America."

CADET BATTALION STAFF - Cadet Leadership Positions and Responsibilities


The Battalion Commander is responsible for everything that goes on throughout the cadet battalion. The commander supervises the efficient functioning of the staff and subordinate commanders to ensure that missions assigned to the cadet battalion are performed in a professional manner. This is accomplished by issuing guidance and monitoring the execution of assigned tasks. The commander also conducts weekly cadet staff meetings to determine progress on projects, updates the staff with any new guidance, briefs the Professor of Military Science on the progress of cadet functions, and reports on the status of projects at least weekly.


Coordinating the cadet staff is the responsibility of the executive officer. This officer prepares the staff for and runs all staff meetings, ensuring that the staff has a well-thought out plan, and, in accordance with the cadet battalion commander's guidance, presents a coordinated and effective plan. The executive officer represents the commander in his or her absence and attends weekly meetings between the battalion commander and Professor of Military Science.


The adjutant is responsible for all personnel administration and all of the cadet battalion's personnel matters. Publishing cadet orders, maintaining cadet files, recording the minutes of cadet staff meetings, and coordinating public affairs activities are other duties of the adjutant. He or she updates the chain of command, assigns cadets enrolled in the ROTC program (both contracted and non-contracted) to the cadet companies each semester, and disseminates this information to all cadets. The adjutant coordinates directly with the cadre enrollment and marketing officer and briefs the personnel portion of operations orders and staff briefings.


The operations officer is responsible for planning, coordinating, and supervising the execution of all training and operations of the cadet battalion. He or she coordinates directly with the cadre training officer and prepares and briefs operations or mission orders.


Responsible for the health, welfare, training, appearance, discipline, supply accountability, and efficiency of all cadets assigned to the company. Coordinates with the battalion staff for assistance. Reports to the Battalion Commander.


This officer is responsible for coordinating all media coverage of the battalion. He or she makes sure all battalion events are photographed, and they are also responsible for writing and publishing any press releases.


The primary mission of the Ranger Club Commander is to allow participants to live life to the fullest by engaging in adventurous training and exciting events, and designed to be exciting and oriented towards the members learning through hands on training.


The Drill Team commander prepares the drill team routine and assists drill team members in perfecting basic movements, such as facing, column, and flanking movements. The Drill Team commander also instructs drill movements while under arms, with the M1 903 Springfield Rifle. The Bulldog Battalion Drill Team also provides a color guard to post colors at parades as well as a plethora of university activities and sporting events. The Drill Team practices twice weekly, however practice times are adjusted to meet the drill team members’ schedules.


The Rifle team Commander coordinates all rifle matches with rifle team members. This coordination involves personnel accountability, equipment, and overall responsibility of team member during rifle activities. Coordinates with rifle coach on practice times during the week and keeps accountability during all rifle competitions, fundraisers, and overall participation of team members.