Handbook of Program Policies and Procedures
Physical Education Majors

Introduction Program Requirements:

Admission Requirements
Dispositions and Expected Behavior
Grade Requirements, Field Experience & Dress Code
Technology and ELL Requirements and Other Professional Development
Required Exams
Background Check, Final Approval for Teaching & Teacher Certification Process

The Physical Education program is offered by the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS). Successful completion of the program results in a Bachelor of Science degree and qualification for teacher certification by the state of Illinois to teach Physical Education at the kindergarten through 12th grade levels. The policies and requirements outlined in this handbook supplement those students must follow in the COEHS Teacher Education Program (TEP) handbook.

Program of Study

The overall physical education program requirements are presented in the Model Degree Plan and the Physical Education Teacher Education chart. 

Other Policies

Video Camera Fee
Students will be charged a $20 fee in Physical Education classes with field experiences to check out and use Department of Kinesiology cameras, tripods, and remote microphones (KIN 361, KIN 365, KIN 461, EDUC 439).  The fees will be used to repair and replace cameras, remote microphones, and tripods.

Equipment Check-Out
Teacher candidates may check out equipment from the equipment room (BH 134) to fulfill peer teaching assignments by following these procedures:  

  • Submit a list of the needed equipment, amounts, and when it will be picked up to the equipment room attendant at least 24 hours before pick-up.
  • Pick up the equipment and inventory it at the pick-up time.
  • Provide proper care of the equipment to minimize damage.
  • Inventory and return all equipment as soon as the class for which it is being used is finished.
  • Report any damage to the equipment room attendant.

    Teacher candidates may also check out equipment for field experiences by using the same procedures as outlined above.  Prioritization of equipment is given to classes being offered in Brophy Hall, so equipment may not be available.  The equipment must be returned to the equipment room the same day it is checked out.

    Electronic Devices in the Classroom

    1. Cell phone audio must be turned off and phones must be out of sight during class time. Vibration mode with the phone on the body or in a pocket is acceptable.

    2. Ipods, MP3 players, etc. must be off and no earplugs in the ears during class time.

    3. Computer use during class time must be for the assigned purpose(s) only.