Grade Requirements

Teacher candidates must achieve and maintain a minimum cumulative and major grade point average of 2.50 in order to be accepted and continue in the teacher education program. Individuals dropping below requirements will be placed in "Conditional Status" for only one semester. This means the individual will not be permitted to enroll in EIS 401 or be permitted to apply to student teach or to student teach. Candidates must also achieve a grade of “C” or better in all required Physical Education major courses. Courses for which a grade below “C” was earned will have to be repeated.

Field Experience

Teacher candidates will complete teaching experiences with children and youth in the following courses:  KIN 160, KIN 361, KIN 365, KIN 393, EDUC 439, and KIN 461 prior to student teaching.  These will usually occur in local schools within a 50-mile radius of Macomb.  The learning progression for these experiences begins with guided classroom observation, moves to individual or small group teaching, and finally whole class instruction.  Candidates experience school life and interactions with students and education professionals.  They study the teaching and learning process, plan, teach, and assess student learning. Teacher candidates must complete an Illinois State Police and FBI background fingerprint investigation and be cleared by the Certification Officer before engaging in field experiences in these courses.

Dress Code         

Teacher candidates are expected to dress professionally in all field experiences.  Professional dress will include:

  • Collared white, black, or purple shirt with WIU Department of Kinesiology logo  available for purchase from the student professional organization
  • Black or dark-colored, professional-looking sweat pants or appropriate length shorts (no fleece or cotton sweat pants)
  • Activity shoes and socks (e.g., tennis, basketball, cross-trainer shoes; no sandals, dress shoes, boots, etc.)
  • A watch
  • Do not wear hats indoors.  If wearing a hat outdoors, be sure that it is neat, clean, and has only appropriate logos.

Shirts must be tucked in and shoes tied.  A neat and clean personal appearance is required.
Be conservative in wearing jewelry; no lip, nose, or tongue piercing jewelry.  Know the school policy for students on jewelry and be a role model.
Cover all tattoos.