Brophy Hall - The Home of the Department of Kinesiology

Dr. Kathleen J. Brophy

Brophy Hall at Western Illinois Univrsity, Macomb Campus, was dedicated on October 18, 1973. It was name for Dr. Kathleen J. Brophy, former professor and Chairman of the Women's Physical Education Department at Western for thirty-one years before her retirement in 1967.

Dr. Brophy earned her Life Certificate from the State Teachers College in Marquette, Michigan and her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Brophy came to Western in 1936 and was named Acting Head of the Women's Physical Education Department in 1945 and Chairman in 1950. Dr. Brophy served on the Student Activities Fund Committee for the University. She was president of the Illinois Association for Professional Preparation in Health, Physical Education and Recreation and received the Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation 25 year Honor Award. She also worked with the American Red Cross and Girl Scouts for thirty years and received the National Girl Scout Thanks Badge for outstanding service.

Dr. Brophy has the unique ability for viewing education in its totality and has made many contributions to the profession. She believed one should be given the opportunity to reach his/her potential of knowledge, physical excellence and true sportmanship.

Brophy Hall

Is a 72,000 square foot building with two floors. The lower floor consists of four basketball-sized gym spaces, a swimming and diving pool, equipment rooms, a fitness room, two athletic training rooms, a biomechanics teaching and research lab, locker rooms, a studen lounge, two classrooms, a general purpose computer room, and academic advisors offices for the WIU athletic teams. The upper floor consists of two dance studios, classrooms, faculty and staff offices, a computer lab, the Student Success and the Physical Education Resource Centers, and the exercise physiology teaching and research lab. Brophy Hall is also immediately adjacent to the tennis courts, the Women's Softball Stadium, and the Soccer Field among otehr general purpose athletic fields.

Department of Kinesiology History

In 2004-2005, the name of the department was changed from Physical Education to Kinesiology. The name was changed to reflect the full range of programs and degrees offered by the department at that time, including Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport Management. Current degree programs include Exercise Science, Nutrition & Dietetics, Nutrition & Foodservice Management, and Physical Education Teacher Education for the undergraduate students. For the graduate students, Kinesiology and Sport Management are offered.


The primary mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to provide a sound comprehensive education for students preparing for careers in athletic training, exercise science and fitness, Illinois state teacher Licensure in physical education, dietetics, nutrition and foodservice management, and related areas. The same goal holds true for graduate students in ability diversity, sport and exercise psychology, wellness and fitness management, exercise physiology, human movement performance, strength and conditioning, and sport management. To promote physical and mental well-being, in a progressive and inclusive environment, the department also provides a variety of General Education fitness, sports, and nutrition courses for all Western Illinois University students. In addition to classroom responsibilities, the department strives to advance knowledge in the domain by means of original research works and supports the University and community through service activities.