M.S. in Sport Management - Thesis Option
(38-40 credits)

The thesis option provides students with the opportunity to engage in substantive research. Students work with a faculty member and together negotiate a suitable project. The thesis option is an attractive degree path for a student interested in exploring further study, such as a doctoral degree. In addition, students with career aspirations in areas such as market research, or advertising, will find that the thesis option provides them relevant experience for these career paths.

Research Core (6 credits)

  • KIN 511 Measurement and Statistical Analysis
  • KIN 512 Research Methods

Sport Managment (24 credits)

  • KIN 545 Sport Facility and Event Management
  • KIN 546 Sport Governance and Policy
  • KIN 547 Financial Issues in Sport
  • KIN 548 Social and Ethical Issues in Sport
  • KIN 555 Sport Marketing
  • KIN 558 Organizational Theory in Sport
  • KIN 561 Public and Media Relations in Sport
  • KIN 564 Legal Issues in Sport

Thesis (4 credits)

  • KIN 601 Thesis

Internship (4-6 credits)

  • KIN 560 Internship

What is a Thesis?

The purpose of a thesis is to give students experience conducting a research-based inquiry that will be useful in their professional career. Because professional goals differ, some students choose to conduct an original research project, others choose to conduct an evaluation of an existing policy or program, still others choose to explore a particular issue within the sport industry.  A faculty adviser helps mentor the student through the process, the result being publication-ready original research that the student can include on their resume.