Alumni Highlight - Jason Bauman

Courtesy: Matthew Wittig 

Jason Bauman, the associate athletics director for facilities and operations at the University of Virginia, considered his move to Kentucky a big risk early in his career. 

“I had an internship at the University of Kentucky.  I knew no one in Kentucky… If I was to get a flat tire on the way there, who was I going to call,” said Bauman. 

Even though he viewed accepting an internship in a part of the country that he was not familiar a risk, it paid off for Bauman as he worked five years with Kentucky.  While at Kentucky, Bauman served as an intern for a year and a half.  Later, he was appointed the assistant athletic facilities coordinator where he assisted with facility operations, capital projects, and event management.   

After Kentucky, Bauman took a job as assistant athletics director for facilities and operations at the University of Virginia.  Throughout this career, Bauman had the opportunity to work with many diverse people.  He believes that an individual must be able to work with all types of people and have good working relationships. 

“It is challenging because you work with so many different people and try to understand their expectations,” said Bauman.  “It is very rewarding when you meet or exceed their expectations.” 

Bauman believes that an individual must stick with his or her core values and do things the right way. 

“It is all about what you make with your situation… do the best you can at everything,” said Bauman. 

Bauman received his master’s in sport management from Western Illinois University in 1991.  While at Western Illinois, Bauman worked as a graduate assistant in the athletics business office.  He felt that his graduate assistantship experience was the best that one could receive.   

“I felt very prepared individually when I left WIU… it’s all what you make of it,” Bauman said.  “Students need to get involved… do more than just the classroom.”   

While Bauman is not working, he enjoys the time with his family.  He loves to spend time with his wife and watch his children participate in activities.  In addition, he hopes every year to play more golf than the previous year.