Information for Current Students

Graduate Degree Plan

After at least nine (9)  hours of graduate work at the University and before the completion of 15 semester hours, each graduate student in majoring in Kinesiology must submit a Graduate Degree Plan.  It is not until a degree plan is submitted that students actually declare if they plan to follow the thesis or the non-thesis track.   Once completed, students submit their proposed degree plan to the Kinesiology Graduate Coordinator (Brophy 220) for review and approval.  Once a student's degree plan has been approved, changes in this degree can only be made by petition.  It is highly recommended that graduate students work with a faculty member while designing their degree plan because several courses in the department are offered on a rotating basis and/or require prerequisites.  To access the form that you will use to submit your Graduate Degree Plan, click on the appropriate link below.

All students in the Kinesiology masters program have the choice of degree plans (thesis or nonthesis). The nonthesis program has the capstone experience of the comprehensive exam.  Information and explanation about both capstone experiences can be found by clicking on the appropriate links below.






Graduate TA positions will be available for Fall 2015.  The review of applications begins March 19, 2015 and will continue until the positions are filled. Click here for more information.